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29 January 2017 @ 07:09 am
I have joined the Pokemon GO crowd. I LOVE it. My daughter was down yesterday and gave me tips, showed me how to use it and such and I had such fun yesterday. I wish the weather was a little warmer so I could walk. My husband is taking me in the van the our downtown area today. Crystal says if you drive around down there for about 30 minutes, you can get all the pokeballs you need. I found that out last night when we went to church. Our church is downtown and I had a hayday in part of downtown. Now I just need to get down there for the rest of it.

In other news, my mother's foot is still healing. If I didn't tell you, she broke a bone in her foot and she has been in a boot for about 6 weeks and has to stay in it another 3 as the bone isn't healed yet. She cannot drive cuz it's her right foot and my dad doesn't have a license so we are hauling him around. And now, my dad is having issues with his heart or something. He is having blackout periods of a few seconds. They have run tests and cannot find anything. They are still digging into this issue and waiting on tests to come back. I wish I knew what was going on but I don't.

That's about it for now. I'll update more as I know it.
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Kim: (Fringe) Olivia B&Wcifan70 on February 9th, 2017 01:54 am (UTC)
I just wanna hatch an egg now and find a Pikachu. I haven't found one yet. Oh and win a fight. Haven't figured that one out yet.

Thanks slowly she is.
Martine: Pokemon/Pikachula_loony on February 9th, 2017 09:03 am (UTC)
Egg hatchich is one of my favourite things, I am at a point where I need very specific pokemon in my eggs which can be frustrating when I get something I don't need, but it's still excitingXD Good luck with the Pikachu, I didn't find wild ones till there was the holiday edition with a santa hatXD But they can be in the 2km eggs so maybe you'll get lucky and hatch one :)
Fighting is fun, you basically tap quickly on the screen when you fight in a gym and the pokemon will us it's weaker attack. There are little bars (depends on the special attack how many, sometimes it's just one but then the attack is super strong) under the name and life bar of your pokemon and once one is filled up you should press a bit longer on the screen and your pokemon will use it's special attack and do more damage. Also if you can try to look at the pokemon you'll fight first and then arrange the pokemon you send into the fight to match the opponent. Like if you fight a water pokemon put your electro pokemon first. I'm always bad at remembering what works good against what when it's not obvious though, you might wanna google thatXD
Oh and when you are training (aka fighting at a gym of your team) and you level up the gym you can leave a pokemon there :D that gives you in-game money and more importantly 500 stardust, just go to the shop after you left a pokemon in a gym and there is a shield on the top right corner, it should have a 1 on it. Tap on it and you should get your reward :D