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I wasn't gonna post tonight but Dustin is still awake's a post.

That friend's cut is coming over the weekend.

If you're looking for some friend making things, see a couple of things below. I recommend the second one. It's different and fun...

We went out to eat last night and Dustin asked for a kids menu. He always does. The greeter asked if he was 10 or under. He said no, 13. She said they have kids meals for free for 10 and under when parents eat. I said ok, charge us for the kids meal then because he won't eat any of the huge meals they have. I hardly eat all of the meals they have. The portions are just too big.

We got the kids menu, he ordered mini corn dogs (6 of them) and fries and we got the meal for free. He ate only the corn dogs, not the fries. This is how it usually goes. On other days, he has an appetite you wouldn't believe but HIS appetite not anything that would eat the food in portions they have. He has days where he eats and days where he picks at everything. We never know from one day to the next what his eating habits are gonna be. What do I do about restaurants in the future, especially when he's 14, 15 and 16 years old and he's still eating off the kids menu? This surely cannot continue. He is very picky so something I would want off the menu isn't something he may want so sharing a plate would probably not work. We do not want to NOT include him either. Any suggestions?
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