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I wrote, go figure. Just 3 little drabbles but I wrote. Your opinions will let me know what I do with these, whether I trash them or post them elsewhere. I did a drabble last year and got no comments so I trashed that. We'll see what happens with these.

And you may get a real life update this weekend and I have some pimping too. Geez, I am a bad ass. :D

Fic Title: None
Fandom/Characters: Castle - Castle/Beckett
Word count: 136
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 3 Finale
Anything else: Written for tvrealm's drunk dial fic - all errors are intentional

Castle answered his phone on that grey Saturday night to...

"Hiya Rick, whatchya doin'," Becket stated.


"Yessssssss Ricky, who else would it be? I like have this really cool bottle of vodka that I have been drinkin' for a while now and I wanna share it."

"Ummm, I don't know Kate,"

"Awwwww, but Ricky, I wanted to tell you some things cuz I have some voices in my head and they sound like you telling me that you wuv me. You know," she said in a shy little voice, "I wuv you too."

"Kate, you need to sleep and we'll talk tomorrow."

"But, Ricky, that's not fair. I wanna tell you how I feel."

Castle was hearing things he couldn't believe so he gave in.

"Give me 30 minutes and I'll be over and we'll talk."

Fic Title: None
Fandom/Characters: Smallville - Chlark
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 1 finale - Tempest
Anything else: Written for scifiland's different ending challenge 28 - I chose this one

As their lips met, Chloe didn't want the moment to end. What seemed like a lifetime to her was only a few seconds but the best few seconds of her life.

"Um," Clark struggled in saying.

"Wow," Chloe replied.

"So, what do you say we make this all official and start dating" Clark stated.

"Really?" replied Chloe.

"Sure," Clark said.

"I say that's a definite," Chloe replied.

The dance ended with a lot more kisses and talking between the two and Clark ended up walking Chloe home that night. They sat on Chloe's porch swing and discussed all of Clark's secrets that he didn't want to reveal but because they were now dating, Clark knew he had to tell. Chloe took the news quite well and Clark ended up being her hero until the end of days.

Author note: I have wanted this end for a long time but quite happy with how the show ended needless to say.

Fic Title: None
Fandom/Characters: Doctor Who - Doctor/Rose
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Anything else: Written for scifiland's challenge 25 Bad Fic - all errors are intentional and it's supposed to be bad and OOC

As the world turmoiled to it's end, all the Doctor cared about was how his life would end. The Daleks had taken over the Earth and the world at this point and it didn't look like the world would go on. The Doctor had given up trying to stop the Daleks. In the end, the Doctor watched Rose bake cakes and play with her cats. He actually liked cats, no one new this of him but he did. They ended up in each others arms, saying 'I love you' to one another with the cat curled at their feet as they lay on the bed before everything faded away including themselves.
Tags: castle, doctor who, fic, smallville, writing
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