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This journal is F/O. My real life is boring as sin but it is here to read about if interested.

I have a Twilight filter.  Want on it, let me know.

I will not add you without a comment here or somewhere where I commented stating you are adding me.  You have to tell me why you are adding me as well.  I am no longer adding dead journals or people that don't update.  No one under the age of 18 unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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I decided to add my shows and ships here.  If we have things line WHOA in common, let me know.  It'll be more organized here.

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Sorry this got so out of hand but it's up to date. I'll add more as I think about them.

Changed my banner.  Thanks to la_loony for it.
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I have done nothing but work. I finally got a couple of days off so now I can say some things.

Sorry I haven't commented much. I commented on a few entries.

I have new pics of Jace. All the tubes are gone but I haven't heard any info on what's going on. I'll fill everyone in on it once I know.

We went out to eat tonight at an Italian restaurant. I was trying to talk my husband into eggplant parmesan. Neither of us have even tried eggplant. Anyone that likes it that can give me an idea of what it tastes like? I am curious. I think I wanna buy some and make an eggplant parmesan.

I have found out last night that I can see into our neighbors window and they can see into ours in the bedroom. Oops. Our blinds are broke, have been for a while. Well I guess I shouldn't get dressed and undressed in the bedroom anymore. I have taken care of it today. Went and bought new blinds today and plan to get those up tonight.

It is cool today. I turned the air off but will need to turn it back off later in the week.

And my shower is broke, well not exactly broke but no water pressure. I had a really hard time taking a shower with no water pressure. I don't know what we will do at this point. I guess we need new water lines, new bathroom, something. I'll have to look into that.

That's all for now.
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I have joined the Pokemon GO crowd. I LOVE it. My daughter was down yesterday and gave me tips, showed me how to use it and such and I had such fun yesterday. I wish the weather was a little warmer so I could walk. My husband is taking me in the van the our downtown area today. Crystal says if you drive around down there for about 30 minutes, you can get all the pokeballs you need. I found that out last night when we went to church. Our church is downtown and I had a hayday in part of downtown. Now I just need to get down there for the rest of it.

In other news, my mother's foot is still healing. If I didn't tell you, she broke a bone in her foot and she has been in a boot for about 6 weeks and has to stay in it another 3 as the bone isn't healed yet. She cannot drive cuz it's her right foot and my dad doesn't have a license so we are hauling him around. And now, my dad is having issues with his heart or something. He is having blackout periods of a few seconds. They have run tests and cannot find anything. They are still digging into this issue and waiting on tests to come back. I wish I knew what was going on but I don't.

That's about it for now. I'll update more as I know it.
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I am having issues with my journal. Whenever I try to sign in, I get a phishing alert and it won't let me in. I have to unlock it which freaks me out. I am going on a hiatus for now until I figure out what is going on because my virus program isn't working right now, just picking this up. I want to know what is going on. Just came on to let everyone know.

I seem to have lost my friends lock as well when posting. Weird. Ok, gonna look at this over the weekend and maybe make some calls.
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Ok this post will be public. Got my paypal straightened out I think.

Anyway, my son is doing a kick-a-thon on August 4th for his martial arts class. They have (or want) 100 kids to do 500 kicks in 5 sets of 100 on that day. The donations will go to the March of Dimes. You may pay now or later but all payments must be made by me to the martial arts place by August 10th. So you would need to have it to me by August 8th, thereabouts. You can donate an amount per kick. This is what the sheet shows sooo if you donate .01 per kick times 500 kicks, your donation is $5.00 USD. If you want to make a straight donation of like $10.00 USD then you would donate .02 per kick.

ETA: I need to know IF and HOW MUCH by AUGUST 1st so paperwork can be turned in. Money will not be turned in until after I know how many kicks he does sooo....SEND NO MONEY NOW. I do need your name and how much.

My paypal is my email address, crossingjordan4@sbcglobal.net. If there is a comment spot, please leave me your first and last name as I need to write names on the sheet and the donation. I don't think I need addresses, maybe city, state or country, something like that. I don't have the sheet handy atm. Also let me know in a comment here how much you are donating, you can leave me your name here too if you feel comfy. I will screen comments.

Also if you want to send me the money to my addy, I can give that out too, just let me know in a comment and I can PM you my home address.

Anything else let me know and spread this around if you would like.
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